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Solutions to try if AmberPro Containers are slowing down the Amber

First of all, please go to the Dashboard in Amber Control Panel to check the system status, including CPU and memory usage.
If CPU and memory usage is un-expectedly high, you can follow the instructions below to disable other services to get more system resources for your containers.

1) Disable transcode for the AmberPRO or other share folders used by your containers
You can disable the video transcode option for AmberPRO or other shared folders if you don't need the video to be transcoded (e.g., the video file is in MP4 format already) for streaming using the Amber iX app. Once the video transcode option is disabled, your Amber won't consume CPU and memory on scanning and transcoding these files.

2) Disable the services you are not using
If you want to reserve more system resources for your containers, go to Control Panel -> Indexing Service to disable the services you are not using to get more system resources for your containers.

A) AI Service (Face Recognition)
AI service is for recognizing people in your photos and show them on Amber iX desktop and mobile apps, and the Amber OS web UI.

B) File Indexing
File indexing service is disabled by default. If you enable it, you can search your media and documents in your Amber from the Amber iX app.

C) Photo Indexer
Photo indexer is an embedded service to recognize your photos automatically so you can browse and search all your photos on Amber iX desktop and mobile apps.

D) Media Indexer
Media Indexer will automatically check and transcode media files in the background. It is enabled by default; you can disable it if you want to do media transcode manually and don't want the media indexer keeps working in the background to consume system resources.


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