Hybrid Cloud Computing Appliance

Smart Home Server with Cloud-Like Services

AmberPRO Offers You Total Control Over Your Data! 

    Meet AmberPRO

      Not just Storage. A Safe Way to Share.

             Safely Secure Your Valuable Data

            Automatically backup to redundant drives

           Host Your Own Personal Cloud

            Securely access and share your files under your own terms.

            Application Hosting with Docker

            Extend AmberPRO capabilities with containerized applications.

             Simplify Setup with Built-in WiFi.

            Speed up backups wirelessly with a powerful WiFi router. 

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 Power Features

  That even pros get excited about.

      Remote Support 

     Cloud-based remote support makes it easy to provide service remotely. 

     Multiple Backup Methods

     Compatible with rsync, Time Machine, Windows Backup, and more.

      Grow Without Fear

     Add more users without paying additional fees.

     Over-the-Air Updates

     With OTA updates, AmberPRO gets smarter over time.

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