Edge Computing

for Everyday Business

AmberPRO Offers You Total Control Over Your Data! 

Meet AmberPRO

Not just Storage.  A Smart Way to Work

  • Safely Secure Your Valuable Data

    • Automatic backup to redundant drives

  • Host Your Own Business Cloud

    • Securely access and share your files with your own terms.

  • Application Hosting with Docker

    • Extend AmberPRO capabilities with containerized applications.

  • Simplify Setup with Built-in WiFi.

    • Speed up backups wirelessly with power WiFi router. 

At Home. At Work.

Power Features

that even pros get excited about.

  • Remote Device Monitoring 

    • Cloud-Based monitoring makes it easy to deploy AmberPRO remotely 

  • Multiple Backup Methods

    • Compatible with rsync,, Time Machine, Windows Backup, and more

  • Grow Without Fear

    • Add more users without paying additional fees

  • Over-the-Air Updates

    • With OTA updates, AmberPRO get smarter over time


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