NASCompares Review

In his in-depth analysis of the Amber, NASCompares covered many of the main aspects of the Edge node device.
At the beginning NASCompares made very clear that despite his focus on NAS product, a device like Amber would be substantially different and will be judged in a different use case context than a regular NAS.
Following a detailed description of the hardware, along with toughts about how the Amber is different from a regular nas device definition, NASCompares shifted the focus to the features offered by the operative system: AmberOS

The Amber OS web interface gives the user, even a more technical one, the full range of options regarding every aspect of the device utilization. Every single functionality is accessible from there in a simple and user friendly way.

An important mention went to the Docker support for important applications that can expand the capability of the Amber to be tailored to the user needs and necessities, like Nextcloud to keep safe and accessible media and documents, or Home Assistant for people that want to ensure the maximum security and ease of use for their smart home systems. Many more Applications are also ready to be installed by the users from DockerHub, they require a bit more of configuration but give the users total freedom.

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