Public cloud vs Private cloud
How to manage you Data

In the world of information security, third party risk coming from public clouds has become one of the most critical topics for an organization at any level.

Modern companies rely on third parties public clouds to provide service for data storage,  email service, CRM, internal communication tools. As more companies take their businesses online and embrace the ‘open data’ economy, opening up internal and customer data to a seemingly unlimited number of vendors, third party risk is becoming a bigger issue.

Without forgetting how hacker attacks are becoming on nowadays central risk for companies, that every year are investing increasingly more.

Amber to decrease the risk

High risk, but also high cost to host your data, your website and for all the service you need for running your business on digital era, and privacy is not insured.

The percentage of companies that are approaching to open source solutions are increasing every year, since it can reduce costs and third party risk.

But Open source still be complicated for small business without IT competence.

For that reason, Amber help the companies to be owner of their data.

Amber is ready to use, with 2 hard disks in RAID 1 protection already set up, and with AmberPRO companies can enter on open-source word without big informatics knowledge. With AmberPRO you can install, in few clicks, Docker apps as Nextcloud, Odoo and many others. Now with Amber you can run your business from office, home or anywhere easily.

 Be owner of your Data!

Protect your Data!

Boost your business with AmberPRO!

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