Nextcloud is attacking Google & OneDrive
Nextcloud is delivering a new feature to attack mega cloud companies; OneDrive, Dropbox & Google drive.

Due to the policy changes lately by some existing public cloud service companies, there exists an increasing desire for individuals or business owners to truly own their data.

The public cloud services, like OneDrive, Google Drive and Google Photos are affordable and convenient, but this normally comes at the expense of our digital privacy and freedoms. 

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Nextcloud Attacks Google And OneDrive With 1-Click Migration Feature - by Forbes 

German based open-source cloud solution, Nextcloud, just launched 1-Click Migration Feature to attack these mega companies. 

1-Click Migration by Nextcloud:

If a new user wants to migrate Google to Nextcloud, user of Nextcloud can move his/her calendars, contacts, photos, and documents from Google’s various services into the respective Nextcloud services.

Migrating from Dropbox or OneDrive is also easy, Nextcloud can even preserve file and folder structure for OneDrive, and directory structure for Dropbox.

Check here to get more details from Nextcloud news release

Amber with AmberPRO service allows Amber owner to install Nextcloud easily via built-in Docker feature

Nextcloud on AmberPRO @ HomeOffice

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Nextcloud on Amber
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